Measure 66: Support Student Governed Spaces


It’s Our Space
The Student Governed Spaces (SGS) is made up of three buildings. It’s where any student can go to rest, study, play games, meet friends, use computers, and hold programs. It’s where students create City on a Hill Press, Fish Rap Live! Leviathan, and TWANAS or films by the Film Production Coalition. It’s where the SUA, e2, and over 160 student organizations meet and organize.

Students Paid for It

Since 1988, each student has paid $30/quarter to pay off the debt for constructing and maintaining the SGS and parts of OPERS. The construction debt will be paid off Fall 2017 and the entire fee will end. Students can continue to operate the SGS if we vote for $10/quarter.

Students Govern It

The SGS is governed by students for students. We put in a new light system designed for studying. We wrote policies that respect and keep student staff safe. We remodeled to support student organizing and media. We kept administrative costs low and kept the space friendly.

Students Deserve It

Students pay a lot, but we don’t get the services we deserve. Classes get full, dorm rooms get packed, lounges and good coffee shops get taken away. The SGS is one of the few places we govern and can keep open for all students.

Vote Yes on 66!

Vote online May 11-17 @